About Brynn Burger

With honest hilarity and raw vulnerability, Brynn uses her 15+ years experience working with at risk kids and youth with disabilities combined with her years teaching both incarcerated young adults and hands-on learning in a STEM academy to develop a new approach to teaching strategies for parenting extreme children and differentiating for the difficult learner. Her real life relevant approach to meeting youth where they are is life-changing for the child, the parent, and the educator.

Brynn and her husband have lived tiny, in 300 square feet on wheels, for three years after selling their 15 acre Her real life relevant approach to farm to afford to Roadschool their own extreme child to provide equitable opportunities for his behavioral and academic needs on one income. Reaching children with invisible disabilities, their families, friends, and the communities and professionals that serve them is Brynn’s passion.

She has openly advocated for her own son for years and for the hundreds of students she’s loved through her classrooms. Laughing with her mouth wide open is only one way Brynn captivates her audiences as she speaks nation-wide about inclusion in the workplace, managing meltdowns in stores and other public places, differentiating for the difficult learner, and parenting strategies to remain calm and end the isolation of extreme parenting. You can read more about Brynn Burger on her blog The Momma on the Rocks.


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